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Memories of the Ultimate Adventure

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Being a life long supporter of the show since 1972, I was very excited when I heard that Jon Pertwee was donning his cape for the stage version of 'Doctor Who'.

At the time I was in my 3rd year as a student nurse in Greenwich, so Wimbledon wasn't too far to travel to. Off I go to see the show. A packed house, the lights go down and the audience are carried off into a new adventure featuring both the Cybermen and the Daleks! The special stage effects were great, despite a few teething problems at the very start. The production was in it's first week, and most productions have a few issues at the start of a run.

However, Jon Pertwee was fantastic, he literally stepped into his old shoes, as if he had never been away!

I had the pleasure of meeting Jon at the Daemons Event in 1996 at Aldbourne in Wiltshire to celebrate 25 years since The Daemons had been made. This turned out to be a very special day and my favourie event ever. I made many new friends that day as well as seeing an old school friend too! This was sadly the last time as Jon passed away a few weeks later in the US.

Portsmouth was the next time that I caught up with the show. I was staying with my Aunt in Southampton and once again, the Kings Theatre was not too far for me. Off I go to see Colin Baker in the role.

I liked Colin's portral of the Doctor and felt that he had a 'rough deal' with the BBC. So it was a welcomed return. Due to the hot weather, the matinee had about 100 turn up. Despite the heat and the low turn out, the production was more polished, Colin was fantastic and his costume was an improvement on the TV version. This started my many years of seeing the various 'Doctors' in various stage productions until 2001, when I first moved to Canada. I saw Colin in 2005 in Dracula at the Theatre Royal in Plymouth, and he is as warm and kind as he was way back in 1989. I am so pleased that Colin's Doctor has had a chance to shine with the Big Finish CD's.

The Ultimate Adventure had it's problems, less than full houses but at least it was done. Little did we know then that there would be no more Doctor Who for a few years after the then current series to be aired that autumn.

Mark Todd, St.John's, Newfoundland, Canada

I saw it twice – once with Jon Pertwee and once with Colin Baker. Being much more of a Pertwee fan I was surprised to find that I preferred the Colin Baker version!

I remember the opening scene with the Emperor Dalek (great prop) meeting with a Dalek and a Cyberman. I remember the song “Business is business throughout the galaxy”, and the magic trick where Crystal disappears from the box above the stage!

The best part was that Colin Baker hung around to meet the fans – I still have a signed ‘Ultimate Adventure’ poster somewhere in the house!


My memories of the performance at the Alexander Theatre in Birmingham was the sadness felt when Jon pertwee collapsed on stage just a few moments into the performance and the brilliant laser show which opened the performance. Although I believe the show was well enjoyed by all (young and old) that evening there was a genuine concern for Jon's well being which obviously dampened the mood. However the understudy was a terrific doctor and entertained all with a near faultless performance.

Mr M. Jones, Birmingham

You know, I can still sing the song "Business is business" in a false falsetto voice, isn't it funny the things that stick with you? "Come to Bar Galactica for all-star mercenaries!"

I went to see the show twice on a Saturday and we had a ball. The show was a riot from start to finish and the audience, Who fans and non-Who fans laughed as one at all the jokes and in-jokes.

The special effects were great and everyone, actors included had a great time.

Afterwards, we met the main cast, Jon Pertwee, Graeme Smith and Rebecca Thornhill, who were all delightful and were happy to sign autographs and have their pictures taken with us (which I still have).

All in a all, a great event that would absolutely clean up today. Hmmm, maybe I should get working on a script and make my fortune!

William H.

"I was nine years old when I saw the play and it left a great impresison on me. I can still recall vividly the "Business is Business" song, the cliffhanger over the interval and many lines of dialogue. It's amusing that even to a nine-year-old it was obvious which elements of the plot had been crowbared in in order to take advantage of the laser effects at their disposal, such as the time-tunnel. I remember thinking the giant computer screen that showed the TARDIS was brilliant and I drew pictures of the Dalek Emperor for ages afterwards!"

G. M. R.

"My recollection is of two totally different performances. The Jon Pertwee version was played to a packed out audience in Manchester. I was totally captivated by the opening as the TARDIS 'materialised' on stage and thoroughly enjoyed the whole show. Granted - there were cringe-worthy moments (most of the musical numbers spring to mind), but on the whole it was an enjoyable romp. Pertwee was a commanding presence and stole every scene he was in.

"Fast forward several months to a Saturday matinee in Leeds with Colin Baker. I had always been sceptical of his portrayal of The Doctor, but wasn't going to miss out on the chance of seeing the show again on my home turf. I bought best tickets in the house and was then mortified on arrival to find that, as only five people had booked, we had the choice of sitting where we wanted anyway. I was even more surprised that the show went on... but it did. And I'm so glad it did. Over the course of the next 2 hours, I became a Colin Baker convert. There were numerous subtle changes to the dialogue to suit 'his' Doctor and he came across as being a far more empathetic and approachable character than Pertwee. His relative youth was obvious in that he launched himself into the physical side of the performance more readily. The highlight, however, was after the final curtain when the min cast members descended into the front of house to chat with their five-strong audience."

A. S. L.

"I saw 'The Ultimate Adventure' in Bristol, while Jon Pertwee was playing the Doctor. I have very vague memories of it... unfortunately most of it bad!

"I remember hating the songs... that wasn't proper Doctor who at all. I remember how bad the Daleks looked. Being a bit of a Dalek freak I know they weren't proper Daleks at all. I remember how the scenery used to wobble, particularly the flying Tardis crashing into things... unfortunately that was proper Doctor Who...

"It's not all bad though. Being a Pink Floyd fan I loved the lasers, and I thought they were used well. The Emperor Dalek was impressive, and although the Cybermen were underused at least they looked right.

"I don't recall much of the plot, but I do seem to recall the ending being a little bit silly. I suppose it was a bit of a 'fanboys' dream. Daleks, Cybermen... umm... Vervoids. Perhaps they tried to get too much in. Perhaps I expected more.

"All in all, despite the bad points, I do think I actually enjoyed it though. I'm not talking in a 'Caves of Androzani' or a 'Genesis of the Daleks' way. More in a 'Nightmare of Eden' sort of way. Even though it was mostly rubbish there was still things to enjoy."

J. G.

"I attended the show at the Oxford Apollo in June 1989 aged 12 and being a huge Doctor Who fan, loved it!

What I remember most was before the show began, I noticed Colin Baker sitting two rows behind me watching the show of which he was soon to take over the lead. Therefore, I was lucky enough to get him to autograph my programme.

After the show, we went to the stage door and met the two companions before Jon Pertwee came out. He was a pure gentleman and a lot taller than I'd imagined! He stated that he never signs autographs but took time to shake hands with everybody outside waiting before making his way to a small wine bar across the street.

So, although the stage show was very enjoyable, my night was special as I got to meet two Doctors!"

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