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The Ultimate Adventure Detailed Plot Synopsis

The Dalek Emperor from The Ultimate AdventureThe story opens with the Dalek Emperor, the Cybermen and Karl the Mercenary plotting their conquest of Earth and warning that if the Doctor gets in their way he will be exterminated.

The TARDIS lands in the Prime Minister's office at Number 10 Downing Street, much to the Prime Minister's surprise. The Doctor and his companion Jason are told there has been a misunderstanding and that they should instead be heading for the Nightclub 'Number 10' to escort the US Envoy who is the key figure in a peace conference the following day. The Envoy is visiting the nightclub as it is owned by an old friend of his whose neice is making her singing debut, but MI5 has discovered a plot to kidnap the Envoy and blow up the conference.

The Cybermen from The Ultimate AdventureAs Crystal sings at the nightclub, the place is stormed by both Mercenaries and Cybermen, who shoot everything in sight, and leave with the Envoy just as the TARDIS arrives. The Doctor deduces the kidnappers are using a matter transporter based on an alien spaceship. A mercenary native to Deneb III is found still alive and gives the Doctor a dying message for them about a Madam Delilah. They meet Crystal the singer and, as they depart, she follows them into the TARDIS.

Inside the TARDIS, Crystal accidentially sets the TARDIS in motion.

Karl played by David BanksKarl presents the US Envoy to the Dalek Emperor and explains that he has left a clear energy trail for the Doctor to follow to Altair III where the Cybermen will be waiting. The Cybermen are keen for the Doctor to be destroyed but the Emperor insist the Doctor is needed alive, for now.

Back in the TARDIS, Crystal is finding it hard to take in what she is experiencing and insists on going outside.

Out on the surface of Altair III they find a bizarre world filled with alien noises and they come across flying insect-creature inhabitants who fortunately turn out to be friendly and tell the Doctor that the ship they are chasing handed over a human prisoner to a second ship. The Doctor is an honorary member of the insect people's colony since helping them drive away the Daleks when they once attempted to invade. The Cybermen suddenly spring their trap and attempt to capture the time-travellers but the flying insect people swarm around the cybernetic monsters and the heros are able to escape to the TARDIS.

Inside the TARDIS the Doctor explains that their destination is Bar Galactica and that they need to dress up as mercenaries to find out how they are being recruited for the Cybermen's purposes.

The Cybermen report to the Emperor Dalek that they failed to capture the Doctor and they reach the conclusion that the Time Lord will be heading to Bar Galactica.

Madam Delilah from The Ultimate AdventureAt Bar Galactica, The Doctor arrives in time to stop a small creature called Zog who works there being attacked. While Jason gets into a fight with the bar customers, The Doctor talks to Madame Delilah about some employment.
The bar owner makes her advances on the Doctor but he declines just as the mercenary ringleader Karl himself appears with the Cybermen, but the Doctor once again makes his escape.

Zog is welcomed into the TARDIS but as the Doctor tells of an inspirational talk he once gave Winston Churchill, the ship is rocked as its caught by some tremendous energy...

The Daleks ensnare the TARDIS

The Black Dalek is overseeing his control room of Daleks who watch on a scanner as the TARDIS is drawn in with their tractor beam and forced to land on their spaceship. The Doctor emerges and introduces his companions to his old enemies. Asteroid dodgingThe room is shaken by a collision as the Dalek ship becomes caught in an meteor shower. The Black Dalek orders three of his drones to go and attend to rerouting the power to try to bring the ship back under control. With only two Daleks remaining, the heroes seize on the Daleks' lack of stability, and take control of the bridge. The Doctor shows his human companions how to navigate the ship through the asteroid field whilst he frees the TARDIS from the force field. At the moment he liberates his time machine, the Daleks burst into the control room and close on the TARDIS calling for the humanoids to be exterminated...



The Black Dalek in the TARDISThe Black Dalek and the Dalek Scientist follow the time travellers into the TARDIS but, just before they can be executed, a message is received from the Emperor that the Doctor must be taken alive. The Doctor is ordered to give up the TARDIS' secrets but he refuses and goes on the offensive after realising that the over-zealous Dalek Scientist has already been investigating the console and causing damage. The Doctor electrocutes the Black DalekThe Doctor engineers some friction between the Black Dalek and his subbordinate and the Scientist is reprimanded and told to go and re-evaluate his duties outside the TARDIS. He complies, deflated, and with only the Black Dalek remaining the Doctor is able to electrocute the Dalek leader and force him out of the time machine too.

Karl furiously reports to the Dalek Emperor that the Doctor has escaped. The Emperor insist the Doctor be recaptured.

Back in the TARDIS the Doctor continues his repairs but as they are taking time, Crystal opts to explore where they have landed.

Outside, in a strange laser-tunnel world, Crystal and Jason's declare their feelings for each other through the medium of song, and Jason then reveals that back in his own time he is due to be executed. Jason's yodelling seems to upset the planet and they flee back inside the ship.

Back inside the TARDIS they reach a new destination and the Doctor sends his companions out to investigate only for him to realise the year is 1789 and Jason will be in great danger.

Jason in revolutionary FranceIn the midst of the French Revolution executions are underway and Jason finds he has returned home at the exact moment from which he had previously escaped in the TARDIS. An old woman saves him from the chop in the nick of time and, with the crone revealed to be the Doctor in disguise, they all return to the TARDIS.

The Doctor realises that the meddling Dalek had reversed the danger-avoidance system in the TARDIS and, with the error corrected, they decide to return to the Bar.

Back at Bar Galactica they reacquaint themselves with Madame Delilah who now knows The Doctor is really a Time Lord and there is a price of one million credits on his head. Karl arrives to take the Doctor away, only for two Daleks to say that the bounty will not be paid. A fight breaks out and the Mercenaries and Madame Delilah are exterminated. Karl manages to kill one Dalek while the Doctor sees off the other with a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, as Daleks cannot stand cold. An uneasy alliance is formed.

A waiting Dalek guard sees the TARDIS door open and the previously dead Dalek emerges alongside Karl, apparently with The Doctor and his companions as prisoners. The guard queries the disappearance of the other Dalek from that patrol. After a moment's hesitation, the esort Dalek explains that the missing unit was killed in battle. Accepting this, the real Dalek leaves them, and the heroes' plan to use Zog inside the empty Dalek casing has worked, with the help of the Doctor's Dalek voice synthesiser.

The Doctor and Karl find the EnvoyThey find the unguarded Envoy trapped in an laser wall with a recording device nearby that has documented the Envoy being interrogated by the Daleks. The heroes all split up to go about their own tasks.

The Daleks realise that one of their casings has been hijacked and that Karl is no longer loyal to them.

The Doctor and Crystal are cornered by the Daleks and she hides in a crate. The Daleks hoist up the container and shoot, but the crate is empty through one of the Doctor's illusions. With the threat passed, the pair meet up with Jason and overhear the Daleks are planning to subject all their number to a recognition test so Jason heads off to find the Dalek with Zog in, whilst the Doctor experiments with temporal energy from the TARDIS.

The Daleks are asking the impostor for a recognition signal which is not given and they exterminate the rogue casing, however Zog has escaped from the casing already and hidden around the corner.
The Doctor and friends are recapturedThe Doctor uses a crystal filled with temporal energy to create a time tunnel to return to the TARDIS but they run into Karl whose allegiance has been won back by the Daleks and he takes them to the Emperor.

The Doctor is suspicious that the Daleks seem to want to keep him alive but the Emperor insists it is so the Doctor can see the Earth destroyed. The Dalek Emperor from The Ultimate AdventureThe Emperor reveals that the Cybermen and Mercenaries are to take the blame for the destruction of the peace conference and will be exterminated when their usefulness is over. Once all parties are gathered the Doctor plays a recording he has just made of the Emperor's confession and a pitched battle breaks out between the alien foes, and the time travellers make their escape.

In Downing Street the Doctor is thanked for returning the Envoy but after the Prime Minister leaves, the Time Lord explains his ongoing concerns about the ease of their victory. He realises that due to tight security the only way a bomb could be smuggled in is via the Envoy himself, who he quickly summons. The Doctor uses the Dalek voice synthesiser to interrogate the Envoy and learns that false evidence has been planted so that when the Envoy detonates his bomb all the countries will blame each other and the Daleks will rule in the wake of the devastation. The bomb is activated and with only 25 seconds until detonation a high temperature solution of tanic acid and H20 is needed to disarm it, so the explosive is dropped in the tea pot, rendering it harmless. The Doctor removes the Daleks' conditioning of the envoy using his Venusian lullaby.

Crystal tries to say her goodbyes to Jason but the lure of adventure is too stroong and, after kissing him, she opts to join the The Doctor and with Zog, the
TARDIS crew of four leave together.


Photographs © Mike Daines