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TV Continuity Tie-Ins from The Ultimate Adventure

The original Dalek Emperor in Evil of the DaleksThe Dalek Emperor is reproduced very faithfully from its original appearance in Evil of the Daleks, albeit somewhat smaller.

As The Doctor leaves the Prime Minister's office, he comments that that woman terrifies him more than Dinosaurs - A Reference to the third Doctor story Invasion of the Dinosaurs.

The TARDIS is said to be dimensionally trancendental and the running joke that it defies explanation is repeated.

The Doctor tells the Cybermen he thought only a few of them remained after the Cyber Wars, which were mentioned in Revenge of the Cybermen.

While looking for a mercenary costume, the Doctor produces the fourth Doctor's scarf.

A Vervoid costume later reused in The Ultimate AdventureIn Bar Galactica there is a Vervoid, as seen as The Trial of Timelord Parts nine to twelve. There is also a Draconian as seen in Frontier in Space.

The Doctor mistakenly calls Crystal "Sarah Jane" and also "Jo" with reference to two of his travelling companions.

The Doctor states that the Dalek has reversed the polarity of the neutron flow, a catchphrase used in The Sea Devils, The Five Doctors et al.

Ian hides inside a Dalek casingHiding inside a Dalek casing is a plot device lifted from The Daleks and also Planet of the Daleks.

Bombing a peace conference in order for the Daleks to rule after the world war has weakened the planet is a copy of the plot of Day of the Daleks.

The Doctor's use of the Venusian Lullaby as part of hypnotism was used in The Curse of Peladon.

Ian, Barbarba, Sarah Jane Smith and Jo Grant are listed by The Doctor as his past companions, the first of whom was the one who originally hid inside a Dalek casing.

The Doctor kills a Dalek with a fire extinguisher, explaining that the aliens cannot stand cold. This ties in with Planet of the Daleks where two Daleks are killed when they are pushed into an ice pool.

These TV links relate to the Jon Pertwee performance of the play. If you are aware of anything to be added from the Colin Baker version of the script, please email.